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Investing in real estate (in Victoria, and Nanaimo)

Why Investing In Victoria and Nanaimo Is Smart

Investing in real estate is tricky. Though there are many websites that guide you through the process It still means that you are going into an unstable market that may not have a return for your investment. However, if you take a up and coming destination like Victoria or Nanaimo you will be happy with your investment.

Victoria BC and Nanaimo BC are both communities that will allow for your investment property to make a return for profit in a manner of time. With all the family oriented activities it is highly unlikely that the market will reach a devastating slump.  The prospect of renting it as a vacation home or as using it for your own vacation property will mean that you can earn enough to cover your mortgage payments with out breaking your budget.

Most people are looking for properties that will interest retirees or future retirees. If that is your interest then Victoria or Nanaimo is the perfect choice. With the climate of the area and the proximity of the ocean it is a great place to sit back and enjoy a slower pace of life while still enjoying the freedom of having the amenities of city living.

You can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you are building up your future. You can rely on the fact that you have the second home that you can count on for either retirement income or you can sell it for more income later on.

You can also build your credit by having the regular payments reflect onto your credit report. The areas of either Victoria or Nanaimo are a great place to start building your portfolio and provide a vacation spot that you will look forward to getting away to.



Great Mens Haircut And Real Estate Investors.


Real estate investors are much respected people in the society today. This can be attributed to the significance of the real estate business and the magnitude of the returns and the investments that are associated with the real estate. In fact most people in the world aspire to be real estate investors someday as these can be considered to be some of the wealthiest individuals in the modern day world. Real estate investors do not have a walk in the park while conducting their business transactions as many people would assume. One thing that we should note is that the real estate investors have a tough time especially when they are striking deals as during the negotiations, the smallest of details are all taken into account. This requires these investors to pay attention to all the details so that they can stand out and land the right deal on where they can place their investments as there are several investors who are all competing for the same investment deals.
One of the most unlikely of details that is very important to the real estate investors especially when looking at the male investors is the haircut. Many people may argue that a man is judged by his mode of dressing and his accessories and the hair judgment is majorly considered when looking at women. This is a wrong argument as the haircut is very important even when looking at men. In fact it should be noted that men are judged by their haircuts as they are expected to look good especially when looking at the real estate investors since when looking at the women, people generally understand that women have a thing for different hair styles and they should be pardoned for their several hairstyles due to their nature.
Real estate investors especially men, need to get good haircuts so that they can always look good. When you look at the men who are real estate investors, you get to know that these are people that other people hold high regard and they should therefore live up to the regard and ensure that they always look good. Getting a great haircut for the real estate investors does not mean that they need to get these flashy hairstyles that make a person’s head conspicuous. Such hairstyles should be left to the rock stars and the college students. One thing that should be noted among men is that they are not slaves of trends as they prefer to keep to their unique styles that has been serving them for a while now. It is therefore important that the real estate investors follow suit and stick to their decent and smart haircuts that’s if the haircut has been serving him well in a bid to look good. For a man a neat and decent haircut does the trick depending on the nature of the head of the person and the preferences of the individual. It is therefore important that real estate investors get good haircuts so that they can look good. And looking good in the south requires getting a great mens haircut houston style.




Top Seven Real Estate Trends of 2015

After the real estate bubble burst of 2006, home buyers have been cautious when buying a home or not. Fear not… Here are the top 7 trends for 2015.

1: Home prices are rising, even hitting record levels in most places. Home prices nationwide rose by 5.7 percent in January, compared to a year ago, with prices hitting record highs in Colorado, Texas, Wyoming, and New York, according to CoreLogic

Prices are so high, some economists are starting to believe localized bubbles could occur.

2: Mortgage rates are still low … for now.  <3.7 percent, mortgage rates are haven’t been this favorable to consumers since 2013. To Error on the safe side, at closing date–consider locking in your mortgage at current rock-bottom rates

3: It’s still a seller’s market. Total housing inventory at the end of February increased 1.6 percent to 1.89 million existing homes for sale, but that’s still 0.5 percent less than a year ago. Unsold inventory is at a 4.6-month supply, giving sellers a slight advantage in today’s market. (A six-month supply is considered a healthy market.)

4: Buyers want live ready-properties. Even with tight inventory, buyers are looking for properties move in ready. Not a fixer upper that’s going to require a lot of work.

5: Foreclosures are no longer a factor. After peaking in August 2006 just before the housing bubble burst, foreclosures are on pace to return to historic norms this year, according to RealtyTrac. Foreclosure filings fells 4 percent in February to their lowest level since 2006. 

6: Investors are stepping back. Ordinary buyers in recent years often found themselves competing with investors. “Today’s houses are getting less desirable for investors because price points are going higher, so it doesn’t pencil out as much,” says Daren Blomquist, RealtyTrac vice president. The share of homes going to institutional investors or all-cash buyers dropped in 2014 to the lowest level in four years.

7: In most places it’s much cheaper to buy than to rent. Soaring rents in recent years have made buying a home much more affordable for those who want to stay put than renting one. Nationally, U.S. renters spend an average of 30 percent of their income on rent, versus just 15 percent of income on mortgage payments, according to Zillow.


These are the top seven. According to Beth Braverman, The Fiscal times. Check out the other two here 9 Real Estate Trends to Watch in 2015